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Work Party Dates 2017

Saturday March 18th: Manor Pond (Cobham)
Saturday April 1st: River Medway (Yalding 2)
Saturday April 22nd: River Mole (Cobham)
Saturday May 6th: River Kennet (Bulls Lock)
Saturday May 20th River Kennet (Padworth)

All work parties start at 9am and finish at 3pm. You may arrive and leave at whatever time you wish, whatever contribution you make will be greatly received.
Dean Hawkins has posted these photos of the work party at PADWORTH
Saturday 20th May was the date of my final work party for this season, and also a chance for me to renew old acquaintances with my regular volunteers from Thatcham AA.
The day at Padworth started with the customary cup of tea and Lemon Drizzle Cake, followed by some jovial banter and a run through of what was to be done. As you will see from the photos below, the car park has been cut, along with a pathway along the entire length of the fishery, with adjacent pathways cut to every swim. A fringe was left at the end of every swim, providing some cover for the angler who likes to remain hidden. A few of the trees in the steps swim and aquarium swim were pruned to allow the angler to cast and hook a fish without the problems of their line being snagged in the branches which were starting to encroach to close to the river.
Lunch was then taken, with the added bonus of a delicious Chocolate and Fudge Sponge being shared amongst us all. A final run through with the mower, ensured that the pathway was wide enough to allow anglers with their various pieces of tackle and equipment to wander the length of the fishery with ease.
This was a really nice way to sign off for another year, knowing that the Fishery Fairies have sprinkled their magic dust again, so all members and visiting anglers enjoy our wonderful fisheries, in delightful surroundings.

20170520_093427 20170520_124244

20170520_135927 20170520_141208

20170520_141345 20170520_141229

20170520_141452 20170520_141520

20170520_141537 20170520_141857

20170520_143703 20170520_141857-1

20170520_141548 20170520_135607 20170520_135737
Saturday 22nd April saw the third work party of 2017. Which I have to say, after the disappointment of the Yalding work party which consisted of 'ME', six members turned up, giving a total of seven including me, so what a reassuring feeling I now have regarding the goodness of humankind.
The following members are the ones who helped me complete all the tasks on the day, and also consume the Coffee and Walnut Cake my partner Liz had baked for us:
Graham Walker, John Walker, Ken Swan, David Jackson, Gerry Risbridger and Frank Sperring.
As you will see from the accompanying photos, Burhill Estates had already cut a pathway the complete length of the Convent section, including pathways to each swim, which left us to cut a pathway between the two road bridges on the road section, and tidy and prepare the swims.
The fishery is undoubtedly in the best condition now since CALPAC acquired it, with all the match swims easily accessible, and the whole of the road section accessible with some new swims created.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to the above named members for making my day extremely easy, and contributing so much to the future of the river Mole as one of CALPAC's premier fisheries.

20170422_113428 20170422_140709

20170422_140022 20170422_132424-1

20170422_123120 20170422_124010

20170422_124747 20170422_130511


20170422_101426 20170422_102830



Dean Hawkins (Fisheries Officer)

On Saturday April 1st, I embarked on a lonely work party at our Yalding Two fishery, being that I was the only person who turned up. Never the less, I am not one to feel downhearted, and started work on the fishery to hopefully make it easier for Lewisham AC should they continue their good work on the fishery in June.

I removed branches from a fallen Crack Willow Tree, which may have impeded access to a couple of swims, and cut back nettles along the whole fishery, to make swim access much easier during the summer months. I also removed a couple of overhanging branches on one particular swim, which were obviously proving to be a magnet for anglers tackle, as I removed a couple of floats, with line, shot and hooks attached, not exactly the best advert for angling and anglers alike!!

I would also like to thank members of Yalding PC, for giving my vehicle access across the Lees Field on the day, which certainly made things easier for me.


The work party season is now underway, with the first one being carried out at Manor Pond on Saturday 18th March.
The following people were in attendance: David Wing, Dean Hawkins, David Bedwani, Dale Aldridge, Phil Oakeshott, Malcolm Corner and John Bygrave, and all gave a sterling performance in the art of caring for a fishery. The day started with the Rhododendrons and Bamboo being cut back along the pathways around the fishery, and the all the leaves and debris raked up to make access very easy. The day concluded with the removal of a large Birch tree being removed from the lake which was a monumental task, but has now ensured none of the large Carp will end up tethered to the tree attached to 'an angler's rig'.
All in all, we are sure that both the Manor Pond regulars and new visitors, will find the fishery very much to their liking.



Work party Volunteers at Manor Pond.

Work Carried out at the Snargate fishery by Dean Hawkins.


One hundred 10" Green Tench were stocked into the Snargate fishery on Wednesday 8th February. These fish will flourish in the fishery now it has been desilted, and with the 550 Crucian Carp which were stocked last year, anglers will soon reap the rewards of a well managed fishery. 

Green Tench Crucian Carp

Snargate now filled ready for fishing

Before and after, clearing of the undergrowth at the entrance
20170121_124644 20170121_140703

I was at our Snargate fishery today (21/01/2017) doing some work, I have attached some pictures for the website. I have also taken lots of photos, which I will email across as well, which show the de-silting taking place. If you could mention the work I did today, and the de-silting by the Environment Agency. Also we are stocking 100 x 8" - 10" Tench into the fishery in the next couple of weeks. The future looks very promising at last for our Snargate fishery. 













Manor Pond: Saturday 9th April 2016
River Mole Cobham: Saturday 23rd April 2016
Speringbrook Sewer Snargate: Saturday 7th May 2016
River Kennet Bulls Lock: Saturday 14th May 2016
River Kennet Padworth: Saturday 11th June 2016

All Work Parties Start at 9am and finish at 3pm.

The Speringbrook Sewer at Snargate, between Arrowhead Lane and Mock Mill, has received a 'Summer Weed Cut' by the EA. This is the first time it has happened since I have been a member, so I urge all of you to give it a try, it looks magnificent!
The car Park and pathway have also been cut, making access to all of the swims very easy.







Padworth Fishery

Finally another round of work parties has concluded, with the completion of a hard days work at the Padworth fishery. 
I must say a massive thank you to Stuart, Dave, Colin, Martin, Mick and Chris the farmer for their contribution during the day.  Once again a wide pathway has been cut which runs from the car park to the end of the fishery, the car park is freshly cut to accommodate many cars, and 28 swims have been prepared to make the days fishing as comfortable as possible. I cannot reiterate enough how fortunate CALPAC members are, because there isn't a better prepared river fishery in the country, and this has all been made possible by the input from Thatcham AA members. 

20160611_173529 20160611_170750

20160611_153938 20160611_165705

20160611_165450 20160611_165854

20160611_091520 20160611_091525

20160611_153857 20160611_170023 20160611_170111

Please Note, for all you purists. Enough Cover has been left for you to hide from your prey (Note from Ex Secretary)



Saturday 14th May was the date of the first work party I have organised at our Bulls Lock fishery on the river Kennet. 
Having arrived at 8:30, the day started with a cup of tea and a discussion of the outcomes I wanted to achieve on the day. As you can see from the accompanying photos, we managed to clear pathways to four sections of the river, of which two looked almost impossible at the beginning of the day. This work was accomplished by five of us, four of whom are Thatcham AA members, in two hours thirty minutes. It is amazing how much can be done with the right equipment, and a clear plan.
This fishery is generally under fished by CALPAC members, but I know that the Thatcham members who have fished it in the last two seasons, have landed Barbel to 14lb and Chub to 6lb. We also saw lots of Perch fry, which is a great sign of things to come. I hope some more of you give this beautiful little fishery a try this year.

20160514_111136 20160514_111148

20160514_102135 20160514_102343

20160514_113840 20160514_112936

20160514_120913 20160514_115248

20160514_113343 20160514_113347




Myself and my partner Liz Barnes, who isn't actually a CALPAC member completed a very good work party at Snargate. After having three tons of hardcore delivered to the site, we set about levelling the entrance to the fishery. Once levelled, a membrane was laid out and then covered with the hardcore.  The fishery is now easily accessible, and will provide plenty of off road parking for members. 
I do hope more CALPAC members will try this fishery during the new season, as a lot of hard work and financial investment has gone into turning this once derelict fishery into somewhere decent to spend a few hours on the bank.
Dean Hawkins

IMG-20160507-WA0004 20160507_081641

unknown 20160507_101329

20160507_122334 20160507_122221-1


River Mole @ Cobham work party

The River Mole work party took place on Saturday 23rd April, and although poorly attended, just myself and CALPAC member Ken Swan, a great deal was achieved. 
The first job of the day was to prepare the ground along the road section, to allow us to plant some bankside plants to help improve the aesthetics of the fishery. After this we set about clearing trees and vegetation up to the Cobham Road Bridge, to allow anglers to fish this lovely section which includes fast shallow gravel and deep glides, definitely one for the Barbel angler. The final job was to prepare all the swims along the upper section towards the golf course. I am hoping that once the grass has been cut in June, our River Mole fishery will be a very appealing place for our members and day ticket anglers to spend the day.  Dean Hawkins.

Ken Swan

Ken Swan CALPAC Member


The following CALPAC members attended the first work party of the year at Manor Pond: Dean Hawkins, Gerry Risbridger, David Wing, Ian Pullen, Tony Bowhey, Phil Oakeshott and David Bedwani.  The day was a very productive one, with two trees being removed from the lake, the pathway through the Bamboo re-cut, and the encroaching Rhododendrons pruned heavily. It always amazes me how much can be achieved by seven willing men, who give up a few hours of their time to help maintain CALPAC's fisheries. I look forward to meeting many more of you over the next couple of months, as we prepare some of our other fisheries, so they are ready to be enjoyed by all throughout the new season. 
Dean Hawkins (Fisheries Officer)



The committee has decided that because of the lack of commitment to work parties by members, and the extra cost of using outside contractors they have no option but to put a surcharge of £10.00 on the price of the senior member book, which will not apply to the members who attend an official work party. This surcharge will start for the 2015-2016 season.

Dates for Work Parties. Note:


E-mail: Tel 07957827088.

Work parties for 2015 Please read this page it is for your benefit!

As usual, pease bring, gardening tools plus loppers, rakes, scythes etc. Strong footwear, gardening gloves and wear old clothing.

*Scroll down to see the re-worked fishery at PADWORTH*

Work Party on the River Mole @ Cobham

On Saturday 25th April the first of two scheduled work parties was carried out on the River Mole at Cobham. In attendance on the day were; Dean Hawkins, David Jackson and Gerry Risbridger. 
Many swims were cleared and re-sculpted, over hanging trees were cut back to ground level to increase the number of fishable swims along section 2.
Overall a very productive day was completed by 3 people, this when coupled with the second work party on the 13th June, should provide members and visiting day ticket anglers with a much improved fishery. 

The final work party of the year took place on Saturday 13th June on the river Mole at Cobham. Including myself, in attendance on the day were; Ken Swan, Frank Sperring and Dave Jackson. As can be seen from the accompanying photos, swims are are now very easily accessible throughout the fishery, which will hopefully make the river a destination of choice this summer.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all volunteers who supported me this year year on the various work parties which were carried out. Your contribution has been valuable, as it ensures all CALPAC members and day ticket visitors, enjoy fishing in delightful surroundings, with easy access to their comfortable swims. I hope you all enjoyed my idea of bringing a little bit of the Women's Institute to the CALPAC work parties, and return next year to sample another one of Liz's wonderful cakes!!
Dean Hawkins

20150613_112215 20150613_141907

20150613_142419 20150613_142550


'Manor Pond will be closed between 8am - 3pm on Saturday 21st March, due to a work party taking place'.
Manor Pond: Saturday 21st March: Start 8am

Including myself (Dean Hawkins) there was 7 members in attendance, these were; Gerry Risby idler, Tony Bowhey, Ian Pullen, Dave Wing, Simon Lancaster and Phil Oakeshott. The day proved to be very successful, with the removal of a silver birch from the lake, a re establishing of the pathway through the bamboo and a much needed hard prune of the rhododendrons around the swims. 
I would like to say a big thank you to all those that attended, and look forward to seeing many more members at the remaining work parties.


Balls Green work party

River Kennet Padworth: Saturday 6th June 2015: Start 8am

20150606_160626 20150606_164319

20150606_094754 20150606_094947

20150606_164542 20150606_164410

20150606_164900 20150606_164600.120150606_165028

IMG-20150609-WA0000 On Saturday 6th June a splendid days work was completed on the Padworth fishery. The work was carried out by the following people, all of which were members of Thatcham AA, except for myself and my partner Liz Barnes, whom by the way, isn't even an angler! Steve Morgan, Dave Peal, Stuart Collins and Andy Smith.
As can be seen by the photos, there is now a 2m wide pathway running the length of the fishery, with paths leading to each swim. There are approximately 25 swims which are now easily accessible for anglers of all ages, with still many more options for the angler who likes to remain hidden.
This fishery is possibly one of the best kept river stretches any where in the country, and for those members who may have fallen out of love with the fishery, I implore you to give it another try, I promise, you will not be disappointed.

River Kennet Padworth: Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th April: Start 8am

A very successful work party was carried out at Padworth on the 8th and 9th April. We hope all members will welcome the ease of access created down the sloping bank, to the two restored swims at the top of the fishery. Every effort has been made to create safe fishing areas, particularly for the angler who likes to fish after dark.
Photos of swim 1
Before After
Before Swim 1 copy After Swim 1 copy

Photos of swim 2
Before After

Before Swim 2 After Swim 2

Steve Morgan and Dave Peal, both members of Thatcham A A.
Photos by Dean Hawkins. CALPAC Fisheries Officer.

River Mole Cobham: Saturday 25th April: Start 8am
River Kennet Padworth: Saturday 6th June: Start 8am
River Mole Cobham: Saturday 13th June: Start 8am


Start time for all work parties is 9am


The Padworth fishery will be undergoing work on the 20th, 21st and 22nd August. The fishery will not be closed but members are warned, there may be some disruption to their fishing and they may be asked to move swims to allow works to take place. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but without these essential works taking place, members will not be able to enjoy the real rewards, that Padworth will be able to offer.

River Beult

The Beult fishery has undergone extensive works, as per the three year plan, and it is well worth a visit. See the photos of the reworked river bank
River Beult.1 River Beult.2

River Beult.3 River Beult.4

River Beult.7 River Beult.8

River Beult.5 River Beult.8
Well worth a visit to this underused productive fishery...River Beult.

Manor Pond
A productive work party was held at manor Pond on Saturday 26th April. Including myself, the following members were in attendance; Phil Oakeshott, Dale Aldridge, Ken Swan and John Coleman.
The work carried out was as follows; damaged swim boards and posts were replaced, overhanging branches that impeded swims were removed, the bamboo was cut back to increase the width of the pathway.

River Mole
A very productive day was held on the River Mole on Saturday 10th May. Including myself, the following members were in attendance; Ken Swan, John Coleman and Frank Sperring.
The work carried out was the cutting back of nettles in the car park, the pathway from the car park to the A3 bridge and the section from the A3 bridge to the second set of steps. In total about 150m were cut back, with the pathways being widened to between, two and three metres. This I hope will make access to this section of the river much easier this season.

Dean Hawkins Fisheries Officer

20140510_133857 20140510_134259

20140510_134450 (1)

PADWORTH : work was carried out at Padworth to create an accessable swim at the aquarium end of the venue, this work was carried out under the supervision of the Fisheries Officer Dean Hawkins with all the equipment and muscle supplied by Thatcham AA also 6 other swims were dug out and tree work was accomplished at the same time, MANY THANKS TO Dean Hawkins & THATCHAM AA FOR THEIR SPLENDID WORK.

Padworth Aquarium swim

Aquarium swim





Yalding 2 Swims Photos below.






An early start was made on the fishery at Yalding 2 to remove some of the overhanging tree branches Thanks to Dean, Liz and his band of tree experts, a lot of work was done. photos speak louder than words so here are a number of pictures. Next party 29th March, please help out, it can’t do it on it’s own. and its your fishery!
Another Medway Tree Tools for the Job 2 Another Medway Tree 2 Liz showing the next step 2 Yet another Medway Tree 2 AfterMedway Tree 2 Before Riverside 2

Thatcham AA did a work party at Bulls Lock and cleared a few swims.

Bulls Lock
Bulls Lock has been reworked!
Thanks to TAA (Thatcham Angling Association) Bulls Lock has been re-worked and this very pretty but small fishery has been transformed from an overgrown unfishable site to a usable and hopefully productive fishery...see the following photos.
We hope with this work it will encourage our members to use this underrated venue which has always produced good bags!
Swim 1 before
Swim 1 before
Swim 1 after
Swim 1 after
Swim 2 before
Swim 2 before
Swim 2 after
Swim 2 after
Swim 3 before
Swim 3 before
Swim 3 after
Swim 3 after

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