River Mole Work Party
Both River Mole work parties have been scheduled for midweek days this year as an experiment to see if it impacted on how many volunteers turned up on the day. Imagine my surprise, when I arrived in the pouring rain to find three volunteers had turned up to help. This is a similar number to Saturday work parties on the River Mole, so I will not hesitate in doing the same again.
Between us, we managed to cut back three trees which were overhanging the river. This will make casting, and the playing of fish in these swims much easier. It will also reduce the chances of tackle being lost in the trees, which is detrimental to the local wildlife. Work like this highlights how CALPAC are working not just to create better fisheries for its members, but to protect and improve the wildlife habitats on each of them.

Stew Pond Work Party
This work party was instigated by Alf Duffy the Stew Pond Bailiff, who requested that it would be beneficial to visiting anglers if we restored three of the swims which were collapsing into the lake. The relevant materials were pre-ordered and collected by Alf prior to the work party so we could complete the task on the day. 
Thanks to Alf and his Grandson Ryan, we managed to complete the job in about four hours. The swims were restored using Oak boarding and Chestnut Cleft Stakes. Both these materials will give longevity to the swims, and more importantly, they are environmentally friendly, because they do not require wood preserver which would pollute the lake.

Yalding Two Work Party
The first work party of the year took place at our Yalding Two fishery , which encompasses the Rivers Medway and Beult. The day started really well, because when we arrived, some of the tree work we were going to carry out, had already been done. This allowed us to tackle more than we anticipated on the day, which culminated in us opening up another three swims on the Beult, which had become very restricted due to excessive tree growth. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to whoever has been doing all the tree work on the fishery, it has made such a difference.




River Mole work Party




Stew Pond work Party



Yalding 2 Work Party


Saturday 23rd March 2019: Yalding Two Fishery
Saturday 6th April 2019: Stew Pond Fishery
Tuesday 9th April 2019: River Mole Fishery
Saturday 11th May 2019: Manor Pond Fishery
Thursday 30th May 2019: River Mole Fishery
(Start 10am)
Saturday 8th June 2019: Padworth Fishery


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