Phil Oakeshott wants to thank Byfleet Angling’s Chair and Secretary who were doing a litter pick at Manor Pond. He really appreciates their efforts as they went above and beyond in collecting unsightly historical rubbish from the far side of the fence on the road embankment and in the valley off the pathway on the way to the pond. A very good Job, Many thanks from Phil and everyone at Calpac.

CALPC AGM. 25th March. 2019 at 8:00pm
To be held at the
The Thomas Wall Centre, 52, Benhill Avenue,
Sutton, Surrey. SM1 9DP

All are welcome to attend


Saturday 23rd March 2019: Yalding Two Fishery
Saturday 6th April 2019: Stew Pond Fishery
Tuesday 9th April 2019: River Mole Fishery
Saturday 11th May 2019: Manor Pond Fishery
Thursday 30th May 2019: River Mole Fishery
Saturday 8th June 2019: Padworth Fishery


This image is confirmation of the Environment Agency's commitment to improving the fishing on the Lower Kennet. These were the 500 Chub from Calverton Fish Farm being stocked into our Padworth Fishery on the 12th December 2018.



Invicta Shield Results (02/12/2018)

The match was attended by two clubs.

Banstead AS & Southwark & Camberwell

Match held on the River Medway at Yalding 1 on the cut.

Banstead won the match with 16 points.

Southwark & Camberwell with 12 points.

Largest fish caught was a Roach at 1lb 11.5 oz by Brian West (S&C).

Keith Bygrave won the individual with 3lb 1oz.

Only one member blanked.

The majority of fish caught were Bream and Roach


Message from Dean Hawkins.

The Roach are definitely returning to the River Kennet at Padworth. Take a look at the Roach in the photo which was caught on October 10th. It weighed just under a pound, and was in perfect condition.




CALPAC along with Thatcham AA and RDAA have been awarded a significant grant from the Kennet Valley Fisheries Association.
This grant is to pay for Habitat improvement works on the Southern Channel of the River Kennet at our Padworth fishery.

The Southern Channel had the most prolific spawning habitat on the fishery, but this had declined over recent years. The proposed works intend to reverse the decline, and restore the habitat to its former glory.

A restocking project will coincide with the works, which will be carried out by the EA. They will also be contributing their own section of work on the project, to further enhance the habitat.

Look out for further updates on the website, Instagram and Twitter.


Message from Dean Hawkins (Fisheries Officer)

Please visit our Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 07.46.16 and Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.53.01 feeds for some interesting and exciting news


Clarification of rules at Stew Pond. There has been confusion regarding the use of bivvies and tents at Stew Pond. We have obtained a clear ruling from Epsom and Ewell Council that you are NOT allowed to erect any tent or bivvy at the Stew Pond. UMBRELLAS ONLY can be used as shelters & NO FIRES OF ANY DESCRIPTION ARE ALLOWED ON THIS VENUE. Bailiffs have been made aware of this.

Keep Nets:
All Anglers, remember use of keep net is restricted to MATCHES only, see
RULE 4 (Fisheries), Club Members books & Associate Members books. During the hot weather with low oxygen levels it is detrimental to keep any fish in keep nets, please be responsible and restrict the use of keep nets to club matches only - bailiffs will enforce this ruling by asking the offender to leave the fishery.

I have very kindly been given the translation from O/S location to GPS location by Colin DANN, many thanks Colin.
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